Warranty and Repairs

  • Are Pictures/Videos Necessary?

    Yes, providing us with pictures or videos will help us determine whether the defect on your item is suffering from is a manufacturing defect or not.
  • Do You have Warranty On Your Items?

    We offer a 1-year warranty against all defects in manufacturing and workmanship. All of our items are carefully inspected before being shipped out. In the rare event that your items arrive defective or suffer from a manufacturing defect within the 1-year period, please send us an email at support...
  • How Will I Know If My Item Is Eligible For A Free Repair Under Warranty?

    Your item is eligible for warranty, if during the 1-year period the item suffers from a manufacturer’s defect. Defects can be determined as a manufacturing defect only if pictures/videos are submitted.
  • What Qualifies As A Manufacturing Defect?

    To make it very simple, manufacturing defect means if your items break or discolor when they are not supposed to. This is to be determined once pictures/videos are submitted first. After being inspected then we can determine if the defect is a manufacturing defect or not.
  • When Does The 1-Year Warranty Window Begin?

    The 1-year warranty window begins once you receive your item.